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About Shopping in Montenegro Website

Shopping in Montenegro

Our website has been created to inform the guests coming to Montenegro about the shopping they will do in this country. Knowing these in advance will give you an advantage when shopping in Montenegro.

What should you know when shopping in Montenegro? What are the prices like in Montenegro? What can you buy in various cities of Montenegro? What are the souvenir products specific to this country? What are the must-see shopping places? What are the country’s famous shopping centers? You will find answers to many questions like these on this website.

Shopping in Montenegro Website

Just as there are some differences in the shopping structure of each country, this small and charming country has its own unique shopping structure. We recommend that you read all the articles on this site before or after you come to Montenegro. What should you pay attention to and what should you know while shopping in Montenegro? The main subject of this site is to inform you about it.

Some of the articles on the Shopping in Montenegro site provide information for the whole country, while others provide information that varies by city. If you have not had the opportunity to read all the articles on the site, you should at least read the articles about the city before going to that city, depending on the city you will go to.

Tips About Shopping in Montenegro

What are the best keepsakes and souvenirs to buy in Montenegro? What is the general attitude of the vendors, waiters, and clerks in Montenegro towards customers? What should you know about it? In order to avoid misunderstanding situations, it would be good for you to be informed about this beforehand.

In Montenegro, the staff of tourist facilities and shops often speak at least one foreign language well. This foreign language is usually English. However, you may encounter a salesman, waiter, or taxi driver who doesn’t speak any foreign languages. Wouldn’t you like to be able to speak a few sentences with these people in their own language while shopping in Montenegro?

On this website, you can learn simple phrases like “how much money, what is this, I want this, I want to go to the beach, where is the church, etc…”.


Touristic facilities, workplaces, cities, shopping methods, and trends change over time. Some existing shopping places are closing, some new shops are opening. Addresses, contact information, or working styles of institutions are changing. We do our best to monitor and reflect these changes on our website. But still, some changes may have escaped our attention or we may be “sometimes” late in reflecting them on the site. We do not guarantee, and we make no such claim, that the information on our site is up-to-date and complete.

Some information on our Shopping in Montenegro website may be outdated and no longer valid. Therefore, the reader can use the information on the site only at their own risk. Those who do not accept this rule are not allowed to use this information. The site, site administrators, and authors are not responsible for any damage and loss that may arise from the use of the information on the site.

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