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Best Coffee Shops in Podgorica

On the off chance that you end up strolling the boulevards of Podgorica in urgent need of some coffee, you are without a doubt in the correct spot. Montenegro’s capital has well and genuinely got the coffee buzz, so rush toward these spots when around.


Offering probably the most captivating style in the city, Mehanizam is another great coffee choice in Podgorica. Steampunk is ruler right now the noteworthy structure can partly be ascribed to a nearby art troupe by the name of Žižo Mural, whose work can be discovered everywhere throughout the city. Mehanizam is an amazingly loosened up place, the kind of spot where you can gaze toward the clock and understand that an entire day has passed.


Something of a Podgorica pillar, Warhol is a long-standing city charmer that is as genial toward the beginning of the day as it is empowering at night. On the off chance that the name recommends plenty of pop art, at that point, you won’t be frustrated, in spite of the fact that crafted by the bistro’s namesake is frequently predestined for increasingly nearby free choices. There is a lot of unrecorded music as well, in spite of the fact that don’t anticipate that this should happen when the main coffee hits the table.


The main focus is on the name. Everything coffee is grasped at Caffeine. Regardless of whether you are searching for that early morning shock of life that coffee gives, or something somewhat more encouraging on a virus winter’s evening, Caffeine will give it spades of appeal close by. It additionally does a fine run of coffee mixed drinks, which you ought not to thump until you’ve attempted them.

Terminal 4

A shopping center probably won’t seem like the most engaging area for a bistro, however, imagine a scenario where we disclosed to you that the coffee house was really situated on the top of the mall. That is actually where we discover Terminal 4, a hypermodern foundation over the Delta City mall. The inside is brilliant in its own privilege however the genuine worth is out on the porch, as Podgorica spreads out before you.

Kuća Kafe I Čaja

The House of Coffee and Tea (Kuća Kafe I Čaja) isn’t messing around with its moniker and it isn’t sitting around with its drinks either. Hot beverages made with enthusiasm and care are the name of the game here. There is a genuine tender loving care with the beverages, regardless of whether it is the picture impeccable Caffe lattes or the grasping of great tea-drinking society.

Soba (Room)

Bokeška is ostensibly the coolest road in all of Podgorica, and Soba may very well be our preferred spot on that popular avenue. It is intended to take after somebody’s lounge, but the family “room” of somebody with a lot of companions and no deficiency of beverages to offer them. On the one side of the “room”, we discover a rack loaded with well-fingered books, while the window to the world is monstrous no doubt. Obviously, the windowsill seats are the most smoking land in the room.


Renk resembles an overexcitable brain to become animated. As much a shop as it is a bistro, this is the ideal spot to take a gander at some special tickers or complete some work as you taste probably the best blends in Podgorica. There basically isn’t anyplace else like it in the city. It likewise offers go-ahead to pets, so you can hope to see a lot of in-vogue youthful people with similarly stylish puppies sticking around.


Once in a while, it is anything but difficult to overlook Podgorica is the capital city of a cutting-edge republic, however, bistros like Zrno take you rushing back to the real world. That isn’t a result of the reviving characteristics of its coffee either. This is a stunningly contemporary recognition that wouldn’t be strange in Belgrade, Zagreb, or Ljubljana. Prevalent attitude expresses that Zrno makes the best coffee around, and prominent sentiment may very well be spot on this event.


Džada is an impressive spot for a coffee whether you have a cutoff time to meet or not. Its patio is one of the most famous in the city from promptly toward the beginning of the day until late at night, by which time the steaming coffees have been supplanted by something somewhat more grounded. The entire thing starts again the following morning as the regulars hit the foundation in search of efficiency or a wonderful remedy for their aftereffects.